Woman Recovering from Covid is Kicked out of her House

This is how Americans down on their luck are treated. There is no mercy. Just greed. And only the crooks thrive. And one of them is in the White House. The wealthy in America get unlimited bailouts. If you are a homeowner who, due to no fault of their own, you get nothing but kicked to the curveside.

This might be the most evil example of what is happening to Americans due to no fault of their own. But millions of our fellow citizens await a similar fate:

Millions of Americans who have missed rent payments due to the coronavirus pandemic could be at risk of being evicted in the coming months unless government measures to protect them are extended, economists and housing experts say.

It’s really bad. And not getting better:

As the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic continues, almost one-third of U.S. households, 32%, have not made their full housing payments for July yet, according to a survey by Apartment List, an online rental platform.

About 19% of Americans made no housing payment at all during the first week of the month, and 13% paid only a portion of their rent or mortgage.

That’s the fourth month in a row that a “historically high” number of households were unable to pay their housing bill on time and in full, up from 30% in June and 31% in May. Renters, low-income and younger households were most likely to miss their payments, Apartment List found.

Meanwhile, the government fiddles while Rome burns:

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Monday said the Trump administration and Congress could reach an agreement on further economic relief amid the novel coronavirus pandemic as soon as this week if Democrats are “reasonable.”

Families Struggle to Survive. Politicians, Wall St. are Indifferent.

There is no indication that the politicians have a clue on how to fight Covid or save the economy. As a result Americans are going hungry and cannot pay their rent. Meanwhile Washington twiddles it’s thumbs. Corporate greed has wiped out the economy. There is nothing left of value.

And then the stock market is going to crash. Because it was a bubble all along. How can you have a stock market that keeps going up despite catastrophe everywhere:

Yet it would appear that disaster is looming for equities.

Though Wall Street and Main Street aren’t attached at the hip, three economic indicators would suggest that the stock market is in very big trouble and headed for a crash.

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Trump’s Witch Doctor

Trump has no bottom as to what he will say or do. So we shouldn’t be surprised that he promotes an “doctor” who is just as unscrupulous as he is. And the fact that she talks about aliens and covid in the same breathe does not bother the liar-in-chief one bit:

The fact that so many follow her online is very frightening. Gullible people are especially vulnerable to the likes of Trump and Immanuel:

A Houston doctor who praises hydroxychloroquine and says that face masks aren’t necessary to stop transmission of the highly contagious coronavirus has become a star on the right-wing internet, garnering tens of millions of views on Facebook on Monday alone. Donald Trump Jr. declared the video of Stella Immanuel a “must watch,” while Donald Trump himself retweeted the video.

Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams.

Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches.

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Research: Zero Antifa Killings, 329 Right-Wings Murders in last 25 Years

Truth is inconvenient. It’s the right that is the greatest threat to America. Because when you have nothing to offer or say all that they can do is kill innocent people. And that’s been going on for hundreds of years in America. Just remember that the next time to you hear FOX talk about violence from protestors:

The research comes from a database of almost 900 politically motivated attacks and plots in the United States since 1994. The database was compiled by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and reviewed by The Guardian. It found that in the past 25 years, right-wing extremists have killed 329 people.

Per CSIS’s findings, there is only one death, in 1994, linked to anti-fascists — and in that case, the person killed was the perpetrator. Even when looking at “left-wing violence” broadly, only 21 people have died since 2010. Now compare that to the 117 people killed because of right-wing violence during the same time period.

Vanessa Taylor, Mic.com
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CNN: Trump has Sided with Putin 37 Times

It is no longer a debate that Donald Trump is a Traitor:

The host then went on to illustrate the work of CNN’s Marshall Cohen, who put together an extensive report citing 37 times where Trump has shown loyalty to Russia and Putin, superseding the interests of America, the country Trump has spent the past four years running into the ground.

“The president is seemingly smitten with the Russian president. He cannot stop praising him,” Keilar said as a video clip of Trump bragging about likely made-up occasions where Putin said “nice things” about him and allegedly referred to Trump as a “genius.”

…The compilation video then showed what should have been damning statements by the then-presidential candidate. Trump not only equated former American presidents with a leader who is known for ordering assassinations on journalists and adversaries, but he then turned a question about Putin’s murderous ways into an indictment of his own country.

Rolling Stone

Just yesterday:

Pro-Trump Conservative Denounces the President’s Call to Delay Election

At this rate Trump will alienate every supporter by election time:

Steven Calabresi is not among the usual slate of conservative critics of the president. He doesn’t appear on MSNBC to lambast the Republican Party or write denunciations of the White House for The Bulwark. But in a new piece for the New York Times on Thursday, he offered a blistering rebuke to President Donald Trump’s suggestion on Twitter that he may seek to delay the November election.

Calabresi started with his Trumpist bona fides, confirming that he’s not inclined to criticize the president:

Calabresi is the co-founder of a major conservative think tank, The Federalist Society:

I have voted Republican in every presidential election since 1980, including voting for Donald Trump in 2016. I wrote op-eds and a law review article protesting what I believe was an unconstitutional investigation by Robert Mueller. I also wrote an op-ed opposing President Trump’s impeachment.


He calls for his impeachment–again:

But I am frankly appalled by the president’s recent tweet seeking to postpone the November election. Until recently, I had taken as political hyperbole the Democrats’ assertion that President Trump is a fascist. But this latest tweet is fascistic and is itself grounds for the president’s immediate impeachment again by the House of Representatives and his removal from office by the Senate.

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People Close to Trump Keep Testing Positive for Coronavirus

Donald Trump might not have gotten sick yet but certainly he could be spreading the virus. His irresponsible behavior when it comes to Covid invites the disease.

Maddog Republican Congressman Louis Gomert is a loyal Trumpists. And he is a frequent visitor to the White House. It would very easy for the Texas Congressman to come up with Covid.

Where did Gomert get the virus? Why of course he got from the mask itself:

He’s about right:

The list of people testing positive is quite long. So it raises serious questions. Is Trump himself spreading the virus?

Despite rigorous testing for coronavirus at the White House, several aides close to President Donald Trump have become infected – underscoring the challenge one of the world’s most secure workplaces has had in controlling its spread.

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien has been the most high-profile member of Trump’s inner circle to test positive for COVID-19. Others include a White House valet, a spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence and an adviser on Trump’s campaign.

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Trump’s Gestapo Tactics come to NYC. Not Stopping Protesters.

Predictably the methods used by Donald Trump’s ‘federal police’ are being employed in New York City. And just like Portland, protesters in this town are not being deterred:

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Why not Cut Defense Spending

When there is talk about raising funding for a program that benefits the needy invariably the question ‘how is it going to paid for’ follows. That question is never raised when it comes to military spending.

On Monday [article posted 9/20/2017] evening, the Senate passed – in bipartisan fashion – a policy bill that set the parameters for military spending in 2018 that tops $700bn, including tens of billions in spending for wars Trump has been expanding in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Amazingly, the bill far exceeds even the increase in spending that the Trump administration was asking for, and as the Associated Press reported, it would put “the US armed forces on track for a budget greater than at any time during the decade-plus wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Only eight senators – three Republicans and five Democrats. It passed with an overwhelming bipartisan majority. Even in a time of hyper-partisanship, you can always count on Congress to come together and spend hundreds of billions of dollars to build weapons and bombs for killing people overseas, even as our infrastructure crumbles at home and thousands of people die each year without healthcare.

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Portland Protesters are Winning

But for how long. And will Trump’s goons start shooting protesters. That is a real danger:

Department of Homeland Security taskforce agents were again out firing waves of teargas and throwing stun grenades against a hard core of a few hundred demonstrators in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The confrontation centered on the courthouse at the heart of several blocks of downtown Portland that have effectively fallen under the control of the protesters after the city police withdrew.

But after pushing back demonstrators, many of them kitted out in helmets and gas masks, the federal agents retreated into their courthouse citadel to mocking jeers and women who were part of the “Wall of Moms” protest linking arms and chanting: “Our streets.”

A federal officer stares down a protester in front of the Mark O Hatfield US courthouse on Tuesday in Portland, Oregon. Photograph: Nathan Howard/Getty Images
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