Biden is Mishandling the Covid Pandemic

Biden had his ‘mission accomplished’ moment with his dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. And now we have a fourth wave that threatens to stop all the progress made over the last few months.

Leana Wen, “A former Baltimore public health commissioner who now teaches emergency medicine at George Washington University, Wen has become a prominent commentator on the coronavirus pandemic.“:

The single biggest mistake that the Biden administration made during this entire pandemic response — and I would argue in the entire Biden presidency — was back in May when the CDC said that vaccinated people can take off their mask, but did not have proof of vaccination attached to it. And as a result, people understood the pandemic to be over them. The unvaccinated began behaving like they were vaccinated.

And what did we see? We saw exactly what I and many public health experts predicted at the time. The honor code did not work. Surges have happened because of unvaccinated individuals. Now with the Delta variant, restrictions are coming back, except nobody’s listening anymore.

President Biden absolutely declared a victory too soon.

The problem is Biden’s approach is to let decision making to others (in particular the CDC and Dr.Fauci) rather than taking full command. That has led to mixed messaging. He has allowed Dr.Fauci to become the target of criticism, especially from Republicans. Biden’s hands-off approach was intended to contrast with his predecessor who politicized every aspect of handling the pandemic. Biden’s approach is not much better.

The hands-off approach has at times left his White House scrambling to find its footing in the wake of some of the agency’s most consequential moves.

This was Wen in May:

I can’t tell you how shocked I was by their announcement because the CDC went from 0 to 100.

They went from this overly cautious, nonsensical approach to another nonsensical approach – but one that is dangerous, one that throws caution out the window.

Ironically, I was on CNN just before the announcement and was asked to speculate on what I wished the CDC would do. Previously, I had been very critical of the CDC and their overly cautious approach. Before last week, the agency was saying the vaccines are very effective, but you can’t change your behaviors very much after getting vaccinated. It didn’t make sense and was actually serving as a disincentive to people getting vaccinated.

I explained that I thought it was too soon to be lifting indoor mask mandates overall, but that the CDC could say that fully vaccinated people could be around one another without restriction, including in workplaces and large, public venues like theaters. Also, the CDC could have defined metrics for vaccination that are then tied to lifting remaining mandates. So if a particular region had 70% of its population fully vaccinated – whatever the range is, defined on a region-by-region, community-by-community basis – it could determine when remaining restrictions would be removed.

Another major failure has been the inability to help get the world vaccinated. A major factor in the recent cases of positivity surge has been the highly contagious Delta variant which came from India. It’s no surprise that with less than 1 percent of the earth’s poor population being vaccinated that it would have an impact in the U.S. So it was imperative that we help get other needy countries vaccinated. The Biden administration is either unwilling and/or is incapable of helping other nations.

President Joe Biden came up well short on his goal of delivering 80 million doses of coronavirus vaccine to the rest of the world by the end of June as a host of logistical and regulatory hurdles slowed the pace of U.S. vaccine diplomacy.

Although the Biden administration has announced that about 50 countries and entities will receive a share of the excess COVID-19 vaccine doses, the U.S. has shipped less than 24 million doses to 10 recipient countries, according to an Associated Press tally. The White House says more will be sent in the coming days — with about 40 million doses expected to be shipped by the end of the week — and stresses that Biden has done everything in his power to meet the commitment.

It’s not for lack of doses. All the American shots are ready to ship, the White House said. Rather, it’s taking more time than anticipated to sort through a complex web of legal requirements, health codes, customs clearances, cold-storage chains, language barriers and delivery programs. Complicating matters even further is that no two shipments are alike.

Democrats go on Vacation while Their Voters are Thrown in the Streets and/or Lose their Voting Rights

It’s the same old story. Democrats are too cowardly and inept too stand up for the voters that courageously came in record numbers to give them control of the Congress and the White House. Now when their voters need them the most they are going on vacation. Democrats are leaving town without passing legislation that would prevent millions of Americans from being kicked to the curb. Because the rent moratorium is expiring today. Meanwhile, Republicans continue to impose their fascist and white supremacist agenda on America without fear from Democrats.

The leader of the movement to save the voting rights of Americas is now being led by Reverend William Barber:

Meanwhile in Washington, Cori Bush is leading the fight to keep Americans from losing their beds:

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Why was GOP Congressman Brooks Wearing Body Armor on January 6th?

That’s because he was in on the insurrection. He knew there would be shooting. Who gave him the tip?

Congressman Mo Brooks during the rally on January 6th that led to the attack on the Capitol, was wearing body armor. He claims he got a “tip” by someone. Who?

During his speech on that fateful day he talked about “taking down names and kicking ass!” Brooks was helping to incite an insurrection that he knew would end in violence.

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Why hasn’t Trump been Arrested for Inciting the January 6th Insurrection?

Just a reminder, it’s been over 6 months since the January 6th insurrection and Donald Trump is still walking the streets a free man despite trying to overthrow the constitution.

You don’t have believe me about Trump’s complicity. Listen to a military man who’s sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution:

Retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré, who was tasked by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with conducting a review of the US Capitol’s security after January 6, on Tuesday said President Donald Trump’s White House was complicit in orchestrating the insurrection.

“It’s my personal opinion that the executive branch was complicit in the planning and the delayed response that occurred in bringing in more federal assistance to the Capitol that day,” Honoré said during an MSNBC appearance, underscoring that he had not reached this conclusion from the security review he spearheaded.

“That’s my own perception, based on what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard and by the fact the former president is continuing to tell people, ‘This was not a riot, it meant no harm, it was like a picnic,'” Honoré said, adding, “The last I heard from him, he told them to go to the Capitol and raise hell.”

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Atlanta Cop Kicks Handcuffed Woman in the Face

Will this cop be arrested? No. Will he be fired? Open to question. Certainly he won’t be held accountable unless the public demands it. Guess who gets to investigate. The police department. Business as usual.

They officers knew she was mentally ill. And they also knew she posed no risk to them:

The officers were responding to reports of an armed person on Haygood Avenue in the Peoplestown neighborhood, according to a news release. The caller said a woman was walking in the area and had pointed a gun at several people.

Once the officers detained the woman, they “became concerned with the female’s mental health and requested Grady EMS transport her to the hospital for evaluation,” the news release said. No charges were filed against the woman, and no further updates were provided about her condition.

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Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn: Bring the “Hitman” Donald Trump to Justice

He didn’t come out and say it as plainly as that. But it was obvious what Capitol Police Officer, Harry Dunn, was referring to. The comment was made yesterday at the January 6th insurrection Congressional hearing:

In his closing remarks before the House select committee investigating Jan. 6, Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn compared the mob that stormed the Capitol, fueled by Trump’s false claims of election fraud, to a hit man hired to kill someone.

“If a hit man is hired and he kills somebody, the hit man goes to jail. But not only does the hit man go to jail, but the person who hired them does. It was an attack carried out on Jan. 6 and a hit man sent them. I want you to get to the bottom of that,” Dunn told lawmakers at the panel’s first official hearing on Tuesday.

His comment:

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Trump Calls January 6th Insurrectionists “Loving” (Audio)

Here’s another “very fine people” moment for Trump. But this time he doesn’t say some. He is calling all of them good people. Of course, his “too bad” comment is an attempt to protect himself legally. But the message is clear. Those who tried to overthrow the government on January 6th had his support. That will serve to inspire them to further action in the future:

Donald Trump can be heard gushing over the “loving crowd” that turned up to hear him speak ahead of the Capitol riot in a newly released audio clip. The audio, from an interview in late March for the new book I Alone Can Fix It, shows Trump at his most misty-eyed about the rioters. “It was a loving crowd too, by the way, there was a lot of love,” he said, referring to the crowd who come to hear him speak before they marched to the Capitol building. “I’ve heard that from everybody—many, many people have told me, that was a loving crowd.” Then, seemingly realizing that he may have been talking too highly of the mob that stormed the Capitol, he added: “You know, it was too bad, it was too bad that they did that.” Asked what he meant when he told the crowd to head to the Capitol, Trump neatly avoided the question and blamed police, who he said “ushered” the rioters into the building. “They were very friendly,” said the ex-president.

Source: The Daily Beast

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Meghan McCain Slams Jeff Bezos for Going to Space While Amazon Employees ‘Have to Pee in Water Bottles’

Don’t like McCain. But she is right on this one. Bezos wants to buy a reputation like most retired billionaires whom build a fortune by exploiting their labor. Bezos is no different:

Though Amazon scion and billionaire Jeff Bezos’ excursion into space was a cause for excitement for some, soon-to-be-former "The View" co-host Meghan McCain had some questions after retweeting a Mashable article highlighting the indignities Amazon employees were forced to endure.

"I know this space tourism is really exciting for some," McCain tweeted. "But I just keep thinking about how Jeff Bezos employees have to pee in water bottles because they don’t get bathroom breaks and where all this money could have gone for 7 minutes of an ego stroke."

Insurrectionist gets 8 Months for Trying to Overthrow the Government

That’s actually less time than what Hitler served for his treason. We know what happened as a result. Paul Hodgkins got a slap on the wrist for his treason. The system is a joke. Just start calling America the Weimar Republic.

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Can America save itself? The outlook is grim

The World is headed for disaster. For many reasons. But in America, in particular, the two-party system has ceased to do anything remotely right. Therefore we cannot provide leadership to any other country:

Between COVID and the climate, you have to wonder if humankind is capable of saving itself. I am not convinced. We’re getting too much fresh evidence that people — enough of them, anyway — will go out of their way to avoid solving the very challenging problems that face us. The outlook is grim.

So how are we in this mess?

What climate skepticism and vaccine hesitancy have in common, to a great extent, is that they both deny reality — about the nature of an urgent problem in the former case, about the possibility of a solution in the latter. Both are also largely (but not exclusively) phenomena of the right.

If one chooses to be sympathetic and squint a bit, climate denial can seem a bit understandable: The consequences of warming seemed decades away, something to be dealt with later rather than make any sacrifices or big changes right now. (Collectively, it seems our species probably would fail the Stanford marshmallow experiment.) The incentives for the advocates of denial were also easy to comprehend: Energy companies have spent untold sums of money over the years to block action and seed doubts about the reality of climate change. There were plenty of folks happy to take the check.