Lou Dobbs Calls Georgia Voters ‘Dumb’

Takes one to know one. Someone who calls himself a journalist and is a Trump worshiper should not be calling anyone dumb:

Pro-Trump Fox Business host Lou Dobbs seemingly dismissed the pivotal upcoming Georgia Senate runoff races on Thursday night while simultaneously smearing the citizens of the state as “dumb,” adding that they aren’t “half as smart as I believe them to be.”

Interviewing former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, whose “Kraken” lawsuits alleging a baseless voter fraud conspiracy have now all been tossed out of court, Dobbs held out hope that the QAnon-supporting lawyer could still provide evidence to support her unhinged claims. (Powell insists that a long-dead Hugo Chavez colluded with George Soros and China to flip millions of votes to President-elect Joe Biden via corrupt voter software.)

Hydroxychloroquine truther Laura Ingraham, who is not a doctor, begs Trump to overturn FDA’s warning

They are literally trying to poison us for profit:

Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who has publicly acknowledged her lack of medical expertise, made a personal appeal to President Donald Trump on her broadcast to “pull back” a “misguided” FDA warning about an unproven drug treatment for the new coronavirus.

“We now have multiple studies across the globe and reports from treating physicians regarding the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine,” Ingraham during a Wednesday segment. “Along with hundreds of thousands of lupus and rheumatoid arthritis patients who’ve been taking the drug for decades without complications. Time for the FDA — the president himself — to pull back on the misguided and unnecessary warning that was issued a few weeks ago.”